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At the CERN TT Club general meeting, on March 16, it was decided that the next CERN Championship will take place on Friday August 18, evening (qualifications for half of the groups), Saturday August 19 morning (qualifications for the other half of the groups), and Saturday August 19, afternoon (main draw and consolation draw).

The group rounds serve to rank people. Usually we have groups of 4, so you are  ensured to play at least 3 matches in your group. The first two players of each group together with some of the best 3rd will play in the main draw. All the other player will have a second chance by playing in the consolation draw.

Inscriptions will open at the begining of July, but it is time to seriously train for the event.

As the official competition season is finished in Geneva, you will always find free tables at the Meyrin club on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting around 17:00. So do not hesitate to come.

See you at the club.


CERN Table Tennis Championship 2023