CERN Table Tennis Club annual meeting: Thursday March 19, 2015 at 17:00

Dear Colleagues, 

The Committee of the CERN Table Tennis Club invites you to the annual general meeting of the club, on Thursday March 19, at 17:00 in room B: 61-1-007 (in the main building).
I remind you, that the Staff Association, which is sponsoring all CERN clubs, requires that we hold one general meeting a year, and that following this, we submit a report.

It is important for all club members to attend. The meeting will be short, and at the end I will offer a drink at the cafeteria to all people present (room B is very close to the cafeteria).

The proposed agenda is the following:

  • Introduction and adoption of the agenda (JPR)
  • Report from the President (J.-P. Revol)
  • Check of list of members present and determination of quorum 
  • Election of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Committee Members
  • Organization of CERN tournament and of other competitions
  • Web page.
  • Table outside CERN cafeterias
  • AOB
  • Drink (offered by the President)

If you wish to add something to the agenda, please let me know before the meeting.

If you wish to join the committee let me know as well. It would be good if we could find someone who could take care of the two outdoor tables: They have to be installed again in April near cafeteria 1 and 2, and stored away in September.

We should also discuss if we should buy one more for restaurant #3.

The Committee is counting on your help, at least through your presence at the general meeting (as of today 38 members paid their fees to the club)


In case, it is absolutely impossible for you to attend, please let me know and nominate another club member to represent you in the decisions/elections during the meeting.


Obviously, this annuel general meeting is an opportunity for newcomers to meet other members of the club, and to find out more about the club.

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