It is time again to prepare the CERN teams for the Challenge interentreprises.

CERN won the challenge in 2013 and was finalist in 2014.

Last year we had 5 teams, let's try to do at least as well this year.


You will find some information on this Web page (In French):


It would be great if one of you would volunteer to help me prepare the teams, which I will register on behalf of the CERN club.

Or at least those of you who want to be a captain organizing a team should let me know and I can help recruit players if needed.


If you want to join but do not know how to organize a team simply send me a message and I will find a team for you.



The idea of this friendly competition is to bring some of your colleagues, who not not normally play ping-pong to play in a team with an experience player.

Teams are 3 players, but I would recommend that you register 4 people, to make sure you always have 3 players available whenever there is a match.

match take place in various Geneva clubs, including the Meyrin club, during the week, in the evenings. They usually start at ≥ 19:00. It is usually a lot of fun.


Grond Rules: 

  • Teams of three
  • At most one player with a license per team
  • The "Home" matches for CERN will take place at the Meyrin club
  • Matches are in the evenings, ≥ 19:00, each team should specify a preferred day of the week, but this can be changed during the competition if necessary. There is a total of 8 matches per group of 5. The tournament will start after Easter. You will receive a specific schedule for your team.
  • You will be able to move the dates of matches through mutual agreement with the other team
  • Players can rotate, so a team can have more than 3 players, but for a given match only three of them can play


The final will take place probably at the Meyrin club on June 25.  It is a fun and informal competition, and beginners are welcome.


Any questions? Contact Jean-Pierre Revol.


I hope many of you will join, and in particular I am hoping the experienced players at CERN will recruit some of their colleagues to join them in a team.


The dead line for registering the teams is March 31.

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